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Achieve sales and popularity effortlessly with our Microsoft PowerApps developers. Trusted by 86% of Fortune 500 companies, PowerApps offers drag-and-drop app design, pre-built templates, AI Builder, and 200+ data connectors for easy integration with SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive, Excel Online, and Dynamics 365.

Trusted by startups
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PowerApps Development Services

We provide various PowerApps services, including consulting and development for Microsoft PowerApps. Have a look at some of them.

PowerApps Development

We help you quickly create custom business applications that work on any device with features like a simple drag-and-drop, workflow automation, built-in connectors to popular services, and templates that get everyone up and running. Plus, because PowerApps is cloud-based, your apps will always be up to date.

PowerApps Management

We offer app monitoring, analytics, and reporting under the service of PowerApps app management. Our app monitoring helps you track your app's performance in terms of usage, reliability, and errors. Analytics and reporting provide insights into how people use your app and what is or is not working for them.

Data & Integration Management

Microsoft PowerApps includes connectors to several data sources, including cloud-based and on-premises data. The on-premises data gateway allows you to connect PowerApps to your on-premises data sources. This can be useful for connecting to legacy systems or consolidating data from multiple sources into a single location.

Data Security & Compliance

We know that data security and compliance are critical considerations for any organization. With Microsoft PowerApps, we provide several features to help you protect your data, including multi-factor authentication, versioning, and user permissions. You can also track user activity by configuring an audit trail.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Builder

Microsoft PowerApps includes an artificial intelligence builder that helps you to create AI models for language detection and text recognition, data capture, and more. We also use the artificial intelligence builder to create custom machine-learning models. We help you use the data captured by your AI models.

Salesforce Integration With PowerApps

Salesforce integration with PowerApps is a powerful way to connect your sales and customer data with the apps you use every day. We create custom apps that show data from your Salesforce account, and updates made in those apps will be automatically reflected in your salesforce account.

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How PowerApps Development Can Help Your Business?

Workflow Management

PowerApps is used for workflow management by creating a drag-and-drop workflow editor allowing you to easily create workflows by dragging and dropping different actions into place. You can also use pre-built templates to get started or schedule your workflows to run automatically.

Cost Control

With PowerApps, we help businesses with cost control by providing accurate cost estimates, helping with budgeting, allocating costs to specific projects or products, tracking spending over time, and generating reports on spending. These features can help a business make more informed decisions about allocating resources and staying within budget.

Inventory Management

PowerApps inventory management helps businesses with inventory management because they allow users to easily upload and edit data and store multiple data types. Additionally, they allow purchase order creation and sales order placing.

Configure Price Quote

We help businesses use powerapps to configure price quotes for their products and services. With the guided ordering and purchasing option, businesses can easily configure their products and services with the help of AI-based calculation. Real-time updates ensure that you are always up-to-date with the latest price changes.

Inspection & Audit Management

We help businesses use PowerApps for various business purposes, such as inventory audits, safety and compliance audits, quality control, and incident reporting. By creating custom forms and automating business processes, businesses can improve efficiency, reduce the time spent on manual tasks, make informed decisions, and improve overall operations.

Project Management

With us, businesses use PowerApps for various purposes, including project management. They help plan and schedule projects, track resources and report on project progress. We use PowerApps to create custom forms and workflows that help automate business processes making them an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Scheduling & Booking Management

PowerApps are useful for scheduling and booking management. It makes it easy to schedule and manage appointments, making it a quick and easy process for employees and customers. Business schedules can be easily drawn up and edited, saving time and reducing confusion within the workplace.

Types of Apps Built With Microsoft PowerApps

Canvas Apps

Start by dragging and dropping app elements onto a canvas to build a canvas app. This will give you a highly customizable app that one can use for simple projects. It is highly customizable and suitable for apps with simple business logic.

Model-Driven Apps

Model-driven apps are created based on data models built on Dataverse using the provided templates or samples to create your app. Its customization options are limited and suitable for complex apps.

Web Portals

Create web portals for your business with pre-configured templates, or create custom forms and views. These web portals are suitable for clients and customers outside the organization.

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Why Hire ValueCoders For PowerApps Development?

ValueCoders is one of the top Microsoft PowerApps development companies dedicated to providing best-in-class development solutions to businesses.

  • Experienced development team
  • Transparent solutions
  • IP rights protection
  • Maintain oversight & control
  • Flexible engagement options
  • No contract lock-ins
  • Hand-picked vetted talent
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified processes

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We Have Worked With Some Amazing Companies Globally

Our PowerApps development team has had the privilege of working with some amazing companies from all over the globe. Here, you can have a look at our prestigious clients. To them, we provide:

  • Top Indian PowerApps Development team
  • Quick team scaling
  • Best-in-class project management
  • Global quality standards
  • Time-Zone Compatibility
  • Expertise in PowerApps customization

User Guide to Understanding PowerApps

Understanding the Applications of PowerApps

PowerApps solutions allow anyone, including PowerApps developers, to build their apps with no coding skills or technical knowledge. It’s easy to use and has many pre-made templates so you can get started immediately.

PowerApps helps you work faster and smarter by reducing the repetitive tasks you must do when dealing with data from different sources like CRM, Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc.

It also allows you to create beautiful-looking dashboards for your team to see what’s happening at a glance instead of going through multiple screens to find what they’re looking for. And finally, PowerApps makes it easy for everyone on your team to collaborate and share information easily because everything is centralized in one place.

PowerApps lets you connect data from dozens of sources like CRM systems, spreadsheets, or even other PowerApps apps so that all your information is in one place and easily accessible no matter where you are or what device you’re using. And because it works across platforms (iOS, Android, Windows), everyone in your organization can use it no matter which devices they prefer.

We can use PowerApps for everything from automating repetitive tasks like updating contact information across multiple systems to creating new processes like employee onboarding. It’s also great for integrating different data or connecting people across different organizations—for example, linking HR employees with their colleagues in other departments like IT or Sales.

Advantages of Creating a Model-Driven App Using PowerApps

There are multiple benefits to building a model-driven app with PowerApps

  • A model-driven app allows you to focus on what matters, which is your business logic.
  • With PowerApps, you can easily connect to any data source, such as Salesforce or Mailchimp, and get real-time updates about your customers and leads.
  • PowerApps is easy to use, so anyone on your team can make changes without technical skills. And because it’s cloud-based, there’s no need for IT involvement or expensive hardware upgrades.
  • With PowerApps, you can maximize your investment in CRM solutions by automating repetitive tasks like email campaigns and lead scoring based on their behavior. Plus, you’ll have access to all your data in one place—no more switching between systems to find what you’re looking for.
  • PowerApps helps you ensure your app complies with regulations like HIPAA or GDPR. The platform also provides libraries of prebuilt elements (like buttons, inputs, etc.), so you don’t have to design them yourself.
  • PowerApps provide a consistent user experience across platforms, so people know how to use them without learning anything new every time they interact with your app.
  • PowerApps are built on top of SharePoint. They’re highly scalable and easily integrate with other systems within your organization.

To learn more about Power Apps, you can read our blog post on “Top 5 Power Apps Features & Latest Industry Trends For Peak Productivity ” which discusses its features in-depth.

Key Types of PowerApps Applications

The two main PowerApps application types are:

  • Canvas apps: These are created by the user and customized based on their needs. They’re great for businesses because they let employees use them how they want to (e.g., salespeople can keep track of leads in one section, while customer service reps can keep track of complaints in another).
  • Model-driven apps: These are pre-set templates that allow you to quickly fill in the blanks without having to do any coding yourself (i.e., employee onboarding process). They’re ideal for small businesses that have a limited amount of resources or time available to create an app from scratch.

Choosing the Right PowerApps Environment

When it comes to selecting a PowerApps environment, it’s crucial to consider the right PowerApps solutions for your organization.

  1. The first step when selecting a PowerApps environment is to determine what you’re looking for from your software solution. Are you looking for something that will help streamline processes within your organization?
  2. Next, consider what resources you have available to make this happen. Do you have in-house IT personnel who can assist with deployment? What about the budget—is it possible to purchase software licenses or other related costs?
  3. Finally, think about your available time to implement a solution. If it’s an emergency and you need something immediately, a cloud-based option would be best. However, investing in on-premises software would be more appropriate if you have more time available, given that it takes longer to set up but offers greater long-term value.


Q. Why should I choose ValueCoders for PowerApps development?

Ans. We have a team of PowerApps developers who are passionate about their work. We’ve been working in this field for years and have extensive experience working with companies like yours to build great products.

We understand that your business needs to communicate easily with your customers, so we ensure that our apps are easy to use and understand. And we know how important it is to keep your data secure, which is why all of our code is meticulously reviewed by multiple Microsft PowerApps developers and testers before being deployed live.

Q. What is the cost of developing PowerApps?

Ans. We pride ourselves on being transparent about pricing, so there are no surprises along the way. For developing PowerApps, we cost between $25 and $30 hourly, depending on the project’s scope.

Q. What devices does Microsoft PowerApps support?

Ans. PowerApps is a cloud-based mobile app platform that allows users without any programming skills to create mobile apps quickly and easily using their existing data sources (e.g. Excel spreadsheets or Outlook email inboxes). The supported devices are iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, as well as Windows phones and desktop computers running either Windows 8 or later or Mac OS X 10.9 or later.

Q. How PowerApps can help to transform your business?

Ans. Some ways that PowerApps can transform your business include:
Helping your employees collaborate more effectively by providing them with a place where they can store all of their important information in one place. It makes it easier for employees to communicate across geolocations by letting them send each other text messages or audio files rather than having to schedule a phone call or make an expensive international Skype call.

It helps the sales team close more deals faster by providing real-time data from different departments in your company so they can see what products are selling well in which regions at which times of the year and adjust accordingly.

It streamlines how your company shares information internally by creating templates that allow employees to fill in specific details (such as names and dates) and then automatically generate PDF documents based on those inputs (such as personalized invitations for corporate events), and much more!

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

Working with ValueCoders has been a rewarding experience. Their software solutions are a perfect blend of innovation and functionality.

James Kelly

Co-founder, Miracle Choice

ValueCoders provided us with a robust and scalable software solution. Their team's proficiency is commendable.

Judith Mueller

Executive Director, Mueller Health Foundation

ValueCoders delivered a software solution that perfectly aligns with our business needs. They've been instrumental in our project's success.

Kris Bruynson

Director, Storloft

ValueCoders' commitment to delivering high-quality software solutions has made them our go-to partner for all our software needs.

Mohammed Mirza


Working with ValueCoders has been a rewarding experience. Their team's expertise is impressive.


Founder- sbspco.com

ValueCoders' innovative approach to software engineering has significantly improved our business operations.

Jame Thompson


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