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With companies turning to digitalization, the requirement for software engineers is continually increasing. Outsourcing software projects using the software outsourcing service is a commonly used strategy by companies to expand their teams while still keeping a competitive edge. It offers a plethora of benefits, including lower cost, greater efficiency, and higher quality. 

Companies are eager to leverage this cost-efficient method of outsourcing their projects. To help you make the most out of this effective solution, in this blog, we will provide 5 steps to guide you toward successful software project outsourcing.

Outsource Your Software Projects

Introduction To Software Project Outsourcing

With software outsourcing services, organizations can access global talent pools and have access to experts in specific technologies. This allows them to save time, money and resources on their software development projects. 

By leveraging an external provider, companies can ensure that their projects are completed with the utmost quality and within the given deadlines. Furthermore, working with an offshore provider allows companies to scale up or down quickly depending on their needs.

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A Quick Look At Software Outsourcing

Adopting Software outsourcing services is an increasingly popular way for businesses to take advantage of Digital Transformation and rapidly develop new products and services. Outsourcing software development can reduce costs, increase scalability, and reduce time to market.

With the right partner, you can access a dedicated team of professionals with the knowledge, skills, and expertise required to build customized software solutions that match your specific requirements.

Software outsourcing services have been around for decades, but their popularity has grown exponentially in recent years due to advancements in technology, increased competition, and evolving customer needs.

When you outsource your software development project to an experienced software vendor, you can benefit from reduced costs, quicker product development cycles, and higher-quality solutions. To ensure success, it’s essential to understand the process and take a step-by-step approach when selecting a vendor.

According to Straits research, “The global IT outsourcing market size was valued at USD 528 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to generate USD 781 billion by 2030. The global IT outsourcing market size was valued at USD 528 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to generate USD 781 billion by 2030.”

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Benefits of Software Outsourcing

Software outsourcing can be a great way to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your business. From increased cost savings to access to highly-skilled professionals, software outsourcing service offers many advantages. When outsourcing your software development, you can enjoy many benefits, such as:


1. Cost Saving

Outsourcing your software development can help you save money on salaries and operational costs since you won’t need to hire additional staff or maintain an office.

2. Flexible Resource

By outsourcing your software development, you can access a broader pool of resources to help speed up the process.

3. Access to Highly Skilled Professionals

With offshore software development, you can access a global talent pool of experienced professionals in the latest technologies. Different outsourcing destinations like Phillipines, India, Poland, Argentina and more have prevailing technology trends in eCommerce, blockchain and AI fields.

4. Improved Quality

Offshore software development companies specialize in providing high-quality products designed and tested for success.

5. Timely Delivery

The experienced developers from offshore companies have the expertise to deliver projects on time, as they understand the importance of meeting deadlines.

6. Leverage Latest Technology

With the help software outsourcing services, businesses can gain access to the latest technology that might not be available they develop it themselves. This can include emerging technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

7. Benefits from Different Time Zones

With the help of software outsourcing companies, businesses can take advantage of different time zones so that tasks could be worked on around the clock. For instance, while one team works during the day, another team could work overnight while staying in sync. This enables projects to get done faster and improves team productivity.

8. Concentration on Core Businesses

Software outsourcing service enables businesses to focus their energy on their core activities by outsourcing non-core activities like product development and maintenance. This allows them to divert their resources towards better things that may lead to better growth opportunities.

With the numerous advantages that Offshore Software Development can bring, it’s no wonder why more and more businesses are turning to this outsourcing solution. It’s an efficient, cost-effective way to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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5 Steps Proven Process For Software Project Outsourcing

Software project outsourcing can be an effective way to streamline your business operations while achieving cost savings. The process of outsourcing involves transferring some or all of the processes related to developing and maintaining software applications to a third-party provider. When outsourcing a software project, the following are the five steps that you should follow for successful completion:

1 – Identifying Your Needs

Begin your outsourcing process by identifying your software needs & requirements. This will help you understand the scope of work and determine the right vendors who specialize in meeting those needs. Depending on the project’s complexity, you may also need special services such as digital transformation or SAAS development.

2 – Research Potential Vendors

After determining your specific needs, you can start researching potential vendors who specialize in delivering software solutions that meet those needs. You can use online resources or contact software outsourcing companies in India or elsewhere for assistance in finding suitable vendors for your project.

Here are some ways you can research your potential vendors:

  • Check on the third-party websites that list top-rated software outsourcing services in India and globally.
  • Review customer reviews or testimonials on their websites or social media pages to know the vendor better.
  • Read industry publications or reviews related to digital transformation, SAAS development, or offshore software development.
  • Connect with trusted contacts who have direct experience working with the vendor.
  • Attend industry conferences related to outsourcing software development.
  • Ask relevant questions during your initial conversations or calls to better understand their processes and timelines.

By taking the time to do this research, you will be better positioned to make an informed decision on which outsourcing partner best meets your needs and budget requirements.

3 – Evaluate Vendor Response & Pick a Winner

After getting quotations from potential vendors, you need to compare and evaluate their responses to decide which vendor will best suit your project. You should evaluate the vendors based on their quality of service, cost, technology capabilities, and customer reviews.

4 – Negotiate Terms & Agree on Contract

Once you have selected the vendor, you will need to negotiate terms & agree on a contract. This contract should clearly define the scope of work, the timeline for completion, and any additional costs associated with the project. Only if everything seems right, you can move to the next step of your software outsourcing service.

5 – Manage the Relationship Effectively

It is essential to ensure that the vendor meets all the agreed-upon deadlines and delivers high-quality results by the contract. Regular meetings with the vendor should be scheduled to monitor progress and ensure that all requirements are promptly fulfilled.

Here are 5 ways you can manage the relationships effectively:

  • Establish defined responsibilities: Make sure everyone understands their respective roles & responsibilities before work begins. Doing this helps eliminate confusion later in the process.
  • Define measurable goals: Set objectives & measurable goals that both sides can agree upon. This will lead to better and positive results.
  • Monitor progress: Regularly check in to ensure everyone stays on track.
  • Communicate regularly: Regular communication is one of the best ways to keep team updated about changes or potential problems.

Take advantage of digital transformation: Leverage emerging technologies such as AI, machine learning, IoT, and SAAS development for offshore software development projects. Digital resources can speed up delivery times while keeping costs low.

By following these five steps, you can streamline your software project outsourcing process and ensure a successful result. Many Software Outsourcing Companies in India, like ValueCoders, mitigate risks while ensuring success in all your digital transformation and SAAS development efforts. All you need to do is connect with their consultants, who will manage everything for you.

Outsourcing Software Projects

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Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Outsourcing 

Outsourcing your software project can help you save money and get your needed expertise. However, outsourcing can also be expensive and risky if it is not done correctly. If you wish to get the most value out of your software project outsourcing, make sure you avoid below mentioned common pitfalls:

1 – Not Doing Proper Research

Yes! Research is the foundation of outsourcing, and you should do your due diligence. Research potential vendors and discover their experience and track record in software outsourcing services. Also, don’t forget to consider their capabilities, pricing structures, customer service, and other essential factors to ensure that you pick the best provider for your needs.

2 – Lack of Communication

Communication is key, not just in software development but for any project. When planning to outsource a software project, make sure you connect with your vendors regularly through digital means or personally to provide them with clear instructions on your expectations. Everyday communication will help you to update them with the project reforms and enable them to make necessary adjustments on time.

3 – Skimping on Quality

A good vendor should provide high-quality work that meets your requirements. Do not let them cut corners just to save money. This will only cost you more in the long run when you have to fix the mistakes or start over with another provider. Hence, make sure you hire software outsourcing services that prioritize quality as well.

4 – Not Having a Fallback Plan

As it is said,  always have a plan B! Sometimes, things don’t always go as planned. It is essential for companies to have a backup plan in case the vendor fails to meet their expectations or if the project does not come out as desired. Thus, even if everything seems perfect, be prepared with your plan B to protect your project from unforeseen conditions. Software outsourcing services can be favorable if utilized smartly.

5 – Ignoring SaaS Development

SaaS Development (Software as a Service) can offer significant cost savings, improved security, and flexibility when it comes to software outsourcing services. It is crucial to explore this option if you are looking for a low-cost solution for your software project. Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps. Companies across the globe are utilizing digital transformation by leveraging cloud technology with these SAAS applications.

So, avoiding these common pitfalls can save your software project outsourcing process and ensure it goes smoothly to provide you with the expected results. With the proper research, communication, and quality standards, you can be confident that you are working with the right provider who will meet your needs.

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How ValueCoders Can Support You 

ValueCoders is an award-winning Indian software engineering company providing outsourced software development & engineering teams to its clients globally. The company has helped many brands with their digitalization & app development.

“We outsourced our website development and coding to ValueCoders, and we are super happy with their services. We’d recommend them for any website development service for business development,” says Mr. Jame Thompson,, one of ValueCoders clients. 

The company specializes in various software services, including SAAS development, web development, mobile development, digital marketing, web hosting, and much more.  It is one of the leading software outsourcing companies in India and can help you develop your software application smoothly.

Here are the software development services offered by the leading company:

  • Software Outsourcing Services
  • Software Consulting
  • Custom Software Development
  • Digital Tranformation
  • Q&A

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Why Choose ValueCoders for Software Outsourcing Services?

ValueCoders has established its name in the industry for its impeccable client services. “The team at ValueCoders has been a fantastic asset within our startup business. The senior management provides great support, guidance, and advice to get you up and running“ says Andrew North, Managing Director, BlueLane Holdings Ltd.  The company has rich indsutry experience of over 18 years and 6800+ happy Clients. It offers:

  • Experienced software developers
  • Cost-effective services
  • IP-rights protection
  • Flexible engagement options
  • Smooth communication
  • Best development practices
  • On-time delivery
  • Large pool of varied talent
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified processes

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Final Words

Software Outsourcing has become a viable way for companies to access the best talent at the most affordable cost. However, finding, evaluating, and engaging Software Outsourcing Services and software outsourcing companies in India is complex and time-consuming.

By following the 5-Step proven process for software project outsourcing outlined in this blog, you can streamline the process and achieve your software development goals efficiently and cost-effectively. 

ValueCoders can support you throughout the process by providing top-notch professionals specializing in software development. With our vast network of highly skilled developers, we can help you find the perfect fit for your project.  

5 Steps To Successfully Outsource Your Software Projects

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