E-Learning Application

One of the largest Ed-tech firms based in India with the biggest user base of students in the country, contacted ValueCoders to create their digital assets, establishing them as a most preferred platform amongst the students for their online studies and their parents for tracking the performance around competitive exams The project is to design and develop a feature rich, user friendly, and visually appealing application for web and mobile users in the form of a website and mobile app. On one hand, the apps should allow access to a common database of parents to keep them posted with the accomplishments of the children aligned with the latest offers and packages to opt for their children’s school exams preparation, competitive exams preparation, and overall learning on any topic. On the other, students should be able to access different study materials available on the platform and enhance their learning.

Technology Used:
  • Android
  • c#
  • IOS
  • React
  • Swift

Project Synopsis

Objective is to leverage technology for delivering the best online education facility to children and monitoring provisions to their parents.

The smart integrated platform is founded on the pillars of providing application access to students for competitive exam preparation and to the parents so that they can also see the accomplishments of their children. Parents also get updates with the latest offers and packages which will assist their children in their studies at different levels.

Collaborating with ValueCoders, the client expected a feature rich, user friendly, and interactive app, which will assist children in learning through live and saved sessions, online tests, sample papers, and national-level comparatives, which will proliferate the morale to learn more. Parents can also review the papers or tests and can see the performance, which will explicitly leave no room for confusion about their children’s achievements.

Project Requirements

This application will test the preparedness of any individual for the sought competitive exam/s. The most indispensable part of this project is to have easy accessibility to an advanced and adaptive learning platform where students can have access to all the test materials and can evaluate their scores compared to their peers and also can identify their mistakes by getting the solution to their attempted questions.

All students, based on their subscription will get access to different study material and tests to help them achieve their study goals with the help of the following features –

  • This app gives access to myriad tests, and live & recorded sessions, available round the clock on subscription bases. These sessions are downloadable to be saved and watched later.
  • Users also get access to previous papers and mock tests for practice.
  • Students can search for the answer to any question, they just need to type in the question in order to get the appropriate answer.
  • Students can select the test paper and after completion, they get detailed analytics of their performance, including national peer ranking, and can thus identify their strengths and gap areas.
  • They can get a feel of the actual exam environment and learn to manage time while understanding the pattern of the examination.
  • Parents can identify the divergence of the child from the goal and the strong areas in their child’s learning journey.
  • They can also view detailed insights on their child’s performance, such as time spent on each question, accuracy, etc, and a comparative with respect to the other students who have attempted the same test.
  • This application will not only provide the users with access to the curriculum but also previous year papers with answers which can provide cognizance about the recent format of a particular exam.

Type Of Users

  • End Users (Students & their parents)
  • Admin

Project Flow

  • App is to be available in iOS as well as Android versions and can be downloaded from Apple App store or Google Play Store.
  • Get the subscription in order to have unrestricted access to the contents of the application.
  • Student users can go through previous year’s papers, take tests and see their scores, access reference books for solutions to questions, and get detailed reports and analytics.
  • Parent users can view their children’s details on their dashboards, such as their performance (overall or subject-wise), syllabus coverage of different subjects, total test attempts, and weekly test reports.


Key challenges

Key Challenges How We Resolved
The user needs to access all the learning material in a structured and easily accessible manner while most content is often scattered, isolated and unsupervised. ValueCoders structured the database in such a manner that all relevant content could be accessed based on keyword searches. A predefined structure regarding the exam type, subjects, study material and tests was specially taken care of.
To develop an interactive platform with limited inputs. Most education apps lack the user perspective, thus fail in integrating the useful content for users. Incorporated features in the mobile application which give users a feel of being participating in a real-like environment of learning and competitiveness.
A robust functional framework is rudimentary for the successful application of mobile education while maintaining the user’s privacy. ValueCoders implemented certain permissions that offer a more streamlined, secure user experience.
The platform was to be developed in two languages with updated information based on the selected language. Incorporated a multilingual mobile application that provides users with access to the application in two languages (English, Hindi).

Solution Implementation

Agile Development Process

A team of expert business analysts, UI/UX designers, app developers, and database managers brainstormed to put it all together under a wireframe to deliver to the client and user’s expectations, keeping in mind the end business goal –

Business Goal: A fast, budget-friendly way of delivering critical learning to students with performance testing and vigilance by parents.
For achieving the business goal, the SMART technique is followed, and the solution is designed based on 3 layer information processing:

Pre Development: Discovery of the project goals, requirements elicitation, in-depth analysis and validation preparing a project plan
Development: Customized solution designed and developed catering to the specific needs of the client business, keeping the project objective & business goals in mind.
Post Development: Guaranteeing stability after the delivery of the app, ValueCoders team provides complete maintenance and support services post release.


It does not require a student to visit a physical class, instead, one can learn sitting at their location and can get the statistics on important metrics like average time spent per question, accuracy, level of mastery, etc. Users can gain insights into comparative performance nationally, through peer ranking and analysis.

To achieve this, a robust architecture provides subscription & permission-based access to different users

E-Learning Application


The architecture design document describes the components and specifications required to support the solution and ensure that the specific business and technical requirements of the design are satisfied. The document states the business goals and the solutions goals. The technical writer drafted the purpose of building this architecture along with the vision that it wishes to fulfill. This document also included the constraints that the project could expect to have, so the development team could ensure preparedness against all challenges.


The app has come out to be a secured and trustworthy platform to grasp knowledge about different subjects and on the spot self-evaluation. By taking a subscription, users can access live classes by experts as well as recorded sessions with a multitude of useful features. As the end result, users get the following –

  • AI based learning assistant for personalized learning experience
  • Engaging and interactive visuals
  • Multi-level subscription-based access
  • Detailed analytics & insights on student progress
  • Score comparatives for competitiveness
  • Virtual exam-like experience

E-Learning Application
E-Learning Application
E-Learning Application
E-Learning Application
E-Learning Application
E-Learning Application
E-Learning Application
E-Learning Application
E-Learning Application
E-Learning Application

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