With 1 million surplus skilled tech workers and an endless supply of new graduates, India is quickly becoming the go-to country for technology leaders around the world.

Even Jeff Bezos said that the 21st century would be the Indian century as the technological advancements would be immense.

India Is Top IT Outsourcing Destination! Everything You Must Know To Outsource To India

Why India?

Currently, most companies are struggling with talent shortages due to automation or other factors like education affordability; Indian citizens provide enough quality coders without breaking your bank account!

The current talent crunch is forcing companies in every industry to look elsewhere for their outsourcing requirements. And, it seems like India will become the leader of technology with its rising economy!

Moreover, many organizations realize that their IT teams can’t handle the workload alone and need help from an outside source.

Software development outsourcing has become increasingly popular because it not only saves money. Besides, it also increases productivity by freeing up time for other important tasks in business operations like sales or marketing efforts.

This allows companies to grow more quickly without investing heavily into new technologies, which could be expensive upfront costs (especially if they don’t work).

However, before you decide to outsource IT services In India, you must know why India is the best choice for your project development.

Let’s understand the top reasons to pick India for IT outsourcing-

Top Reasons To Pick India For IT Outsourcing:

#1. Low Development Cost

The cost of developing software can vary from country to country, but it’s not just about the amount you pay. It’s also about quality. Indian app developers provide the best quality solutions & innovation at the most affordable price.

The US industry currently has an average price tag of around $70k-100K for simple apps and websites, while developers in India charge as little as 40%. Moreover, in India, the cost of living is lower than in America.

India Is Top IT Outsourcing Destination! Everything You Must Know To Outsource To India

It means Indian people earn less money but enjoy a higher standard of living thanks to low prices for goods and services that are still affordable by most citizens. Therefore, you can afford to outsource software development projects.

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#2. Skilled & Trained Developers

India has a humongous pool of experienced and talented web & app developers. With 200000 software graduates entering the industry every year, it is no surprise that India’s IT sector employs one-third more skilled workers than China does!

An overwhelming majority (89%) hold at least bachelor’s degrees in computer science or engineering from Indian universities. Altogether, they learn courses on everything related to coding, including JavaScript programming languages.

Furthermore, the demand for software developers is surging every year, and India has plenty to offer. The Indian tech industry employs millions of people with advanced knowledge in technology.

India Is Top IT Outsourcing Destination! Everything You Must Know To Outsource To India

It helps them build perfect applications from scratch or improve existing ones through remote working sessions abroad.

When a software development company outsources to India, the developers not only provide the best services but also show their skills in managing projects and designing.

Moreover, Indian engineers are keen on completing tasks within a timeline by performing high-quality testing throughout the application’s lifecycle.

#3. On-Time Work Completion

India can provide 24/7 round-the-clock software development services to global clients. It will enhance productivity by keeping projects going even when it’s nighttime or weekend time in countries like America.

Just think how much faster we’ll get things done! Altogether, the overlapping period could also be utilized as an opportunity for developers to meet up with colleagues working from other parts of the world.

This way, one company here may complete multiple tasks simultaneously while another works during off-peak periods such as morning.

Moreover, it is an amazing opportunity for businesses to finish their project within the given deadline.

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#4. No Communication Barrier

India has billions of non-native English speakers, the largest in the world. It is very seamless for USA clients to communicate & share the vision with a Software development outsourcing company in India, especially since they speak 5th most fluently!

India Is Top IT Outsourcing Destination! Everything You Must Know To Outsource To India

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Top developers there utilize various tools like Skype and Slack too so that communication goes smoothly between parties involved.” Thus, you can communicate with them easily, share essential ideas, and discuss issues in detail without facing any hassle.

#5. Reduced Time

You can’t rush excellence. But you also don’t want to extend the project timeline by waiting for perfection either!

I’ve seen projects take weeks or months because their In-house developers were too afraid of making mistakes. It only leaves them with no time leftover from your initial deadline estimate just so everything could be polished off “perfectly.

Outsourcing software development services in India is the best option for anyone who needs a quick turnaround time or doesn’t have enough resources at their disposal.

That’s because these companies are well aware of how important it can be when you’re under pressure. It means they’ll take care not only about hiring skilled employees but also giving them all the necessary training so that your business runs smoothly.

Moreover, hiring an in-house team for this task would be extremely difficult. The HR department needs time to find and hire the right people, which can take months — including orientation training necessary on top of it all!

This means your deadline will slip past if you don’t outsource software development overseas. Outsourcing software development is a hassle-free solution for any company that has too many resources but not enough time.

By outsourcing to an efficient team, you can focus on more challenging projects and leave your internal developers free from extra work that doesn’t benefit them or company productivity at all!

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#6. Improved Quality

The lack of dedicated attention to development and testing might be affecting more than just the speed at which you’re able to deliver new features.

Furthermore, the quality will also suffer if these two processes (testing & development) can’t work in tandem with one another. Besides, developers may add bugs without knowing about them until users start reporting unexpected behaviors on your site or app.

Altogether, there’s no guarantee that this would fix anything because not all problems have quick solutions! When you outsource your software development, you do get more time spent on each task.

India Is Top IT Outsourcing Destination! Everything You Must Know To Outsource To India

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It improves productivity and the quality of the solution. Moreover, Outsourcing software development to India not only saves you time and money but also boosts your team’s productivity.

The availability of resources like dedicated teams for both testing as well as coding ensures that there are enough people with knowledge in their specific field.

They can help out in case any problems arise during the process, which further improves quality control before launching anything into the production environment or marketplace.

Moreover, the experience of an outsourcing team working on a diverse range of projects will improve output. Altogether, they are able to think more creatively because they have seen it all before. It results in higher quality products for you!

#7. Consolidated Security

With an outsourced team of highly skilled professionals, you can have peace of mind that your software product is being developed and maintained by experts. Your business will be able to focus on other important aspects such as promotions.

On the other hand, IT outsourcing companies take care of all the tedious tasks like testing for potential vulnerabilities or implementing security features into its development process as per industry best practices.

In short, you can ensure that solution you are creating has enough safety & security features to prevent data theft.

If you have already decided to outsource your project and are wondering Why India and how to outsource to India?. Don’t bother yourself; let’s take a glance at the guide to outsourcing IT projects to India.

How To Outsource Your IT Project To India?

India Is Top IT Outsourcing Destination! Everything You Must Know To Outsource To India

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#1. Find The Providers In Your Niche

The outsourcing industry in India is vast, and there are a lot of providers to choose from. Understanding how their services work will help you narrow down your search for an appropriate provider that can meet all of the requirements!

The first step in selecting an appropriate company for this purpose would be to understand what services they provide and whether their capabilities align with your processes or not.

Here are some aspects that you must consider :

  • Tasks that are typically outsourced in your niche.
  • Risks involved with outsourcing.
  • What measures can you take to mitigate risks?

It will allow you to understand every aspect of IT outsourcing associated with your business and contemplate the risks involved.

#2. Decide On Processes To Outsource

The next thing is to decide what activity you want to outsource. Outsourcing to India can help save money, but it’s not worth doing if the task will just be given away without any effort on your end or expertise necessary.

It often ends up costing more than having someone else take care of things in the house! It also has other benefits such as scalability (you’re only responsible for one department) efficiency through specialization.

On top of that, there are many instances where outsourcing makes sense, such as software development.

#3 Partner With Reliable IT Outsourcing Company

Partnering with a service provider is the best way to ensure that your business can grow. You’ll have access not only to their expertise but also to resources such as employees and the software platform they provide.

So, you don’t need any other outside help or equipment besides what’s already in place at home! Search through reviews before deciding on who will be your partner.

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#4. Invest In Right Tools

Investing in the right tools for your business will not only save you money but also time and trouble. Moreover, you can outsource without having to worry about communication, project management, or monitoring work hours.

Different Types Of Tools You Can Use Are:

  • Project Management Tools like ClickUp, Wrike, Jira, and Workzone.
  • Communication Tools like Zoom, Skype.
  • Performance Monitoring Tools like Zoho, Hubstaff, WorkStatus.

If you outsource to India, you can relish immense ease and efficiency in product development. Moreover, you can expect great support from IT outsourcing services providers in India.

Wrapping Up

India has been a popular destination for outsourcing IT projects for many years now. It offers several advantages over other destinations; that’s why more and more businesses are choosing to outsource their IT needs to Indian companies.

If you’re considering outsourcing your next IT project, we hope this article has given you some food for thought. We at ValueCoders cater a variety of IT services to our clients across 200+ countries, including the USA, UK, & Middle East.

Being one of the best IT companies in India, we are admired for First Time Right Approach and convenient pricing models.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of IT outsourcing services can Indian companies offer?

IT outsourcing companies in India provide a variety of services including, remote IT staffing, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Software development, Data Science & Analytics, and more.

Can I hire dedicated development teams from an IT outsourcing company?

Yes! If the selected company enables IT staffing services, you can hire a dedicated development team for your project.

What are the best IT outsourcing companies In India?

Top IT outsourcing companies in India are ValueCoders, PixelCrayons, and TechAhead.

India Is Top IT Outsourcing Destination! Everything You Must Know To Outsource To India

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